Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Poll: People will pay larger apartments in Home

Second poll of Myhomexperience.com is finished. Apparently the first things people are going to buy in Home are larger apartments. Here are the results:

What are you going to buy first in Home?

- A larger apartment 36%
- I'm not buying anything for sure 27%
- Let's see the prizes first 16%
- Clothes and stuff for my avatar 13%
- Arcade games 6%

Like the first poll, i'm going to send the results to Sony to 'help' them understand their public better.

158 people answered this poll, make sure you vote for the next one! ( How often will you be in Home? )

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Full tour video of Home

It's still the same kind of video but this one is pretty long and i felt guilty of not having anything to post for a while, so here you go.. a new video! :

Monday, October 22, 2007

Game Space video of Home

Episode 5 of that 'Homebeta' guy on youtube is out... but it's pretty small and not much new to see actually.. Here it is anyway:

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Poll: Pets & vehicles desired in Home

So the first poll of this blog is finished and here are the results:

Wich function would you love to see in Home?

- Pets & vehicles 44%
- More functionalities for the apartment 26%
- More games like chess, checkers,... 19%
- More arcade games 15%

Don't know if it will do anything but i will send the results to Sony so they can think about it. I'll probably do that for all the polls.

123 people voted for this first poll, be sure to vote for the next one! ( What are you going to buy first? )

Home Theatre in depth video

Remember the first videos of this blog with 3 different episodes of Home videos? Well episode 4 is out, and it's about the Home theatre, enjoy:

Episode 5 should arrive soon, and i think it will be about the Arcade area!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Butts look sweet in Home

See for yourself, just skip untill the last minute, i laughed my ass off on that vid :D

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The arcade games in Home

Just found another user-made video of Home in wich you can see most of the arcade games that will be available. Please notice that the video is made from the first beta, before the update was made, still i guess the arcade games will be the same.

Oh and.. what's with the pink PSP?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Myhomexperience.com !

www.myhomexperience.com is functional!

Expect more and more news each week, more pictures, more polls, more videos and stuff like that!

Xbox owners not Homeless?

Daniel Schiappa, general manager of Microsofts entertainement devices made an appearance and a little statement at the latest virtual worlds conference:

" By next year, you'll probably know more about why I'm up here. "

Well, it's not much.. and maybe it's nothing, but we can only speculate about Microsoft doing his own virtual world like Second Life or Home..

source: Kotaku.com

Friday, October 5, 2007

More vids, always more vids!

Some other vids of Home, you might have seen the 2's from DLB, i also found one with a girl.. yeah i know not much new there but hey, it's better than nothing. Have fun:

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A load of Home glitches

Here's a video of some glitches in Playstation 3 's Home. I guess now we kinda understand why they delayed it. I knew there were some bugs but it's more than i thought, see for yourself:

Home parody

It's not super funny , but it will make you smile just because it is so stupid..

Homexperience changes name

Well, i thought that Homexperience was a cool name, but i didn't even checked if homexperience.com already existed or not... and it does. So the site is now MyHomexperience. The link won't change for now, but at least i know now that Myhomexperience.com is available and reserved! :) I will of course say when it is functional ( in about a week or so)

I repeat, if you would like to help for posting or anything else please let me know at myhomexperience@gmail.com

Yet another Home video

There are a lot of vids of Home out there but most of them aren't worth to look at. This one is more in depth and you can hear people talk on the headset aswell:


Sony just unveiled some new information about Dress, the first extension that will be available for Home. Dress will be released begin 2008 , i guess at the same time as Home. Dress will be divided in 4 categories:

- Dress Town: Just like a Mall where you'll be able to buy clothes, music and videos to use in Home

- Dress Museum: A museum about clothes and styles.

- Dress Studio: The most interesting part of Dress: You'll be able to make your own clothes to wear within Home

- Dress Park: PLace where people hang out to talk about their creations, clothes and stuff.

Some information from IGN:
"It appears that the game will let players make their own brands. Sony is even looking into letting players send their designs away to have them transformed into real life clothing."

Sony didn't unveil a price or date yet.

Sources: Play3-live.com , Ign.com

Home beta videos

Here are a couple videos made from those lucky people that has a chance to play on the Beta build of Home:

Welcome to MyHomexperience!

Welcome to the first blog dedicated to Sony's Home. While Sony's Home is still in beta , this blog is too. So if it's successfull i will consider about making it into a real blog with server and everything but we'll see how things turns out. If you would like to help with this blog or help with the development of a bigger site, you are welcome to contact me.

Thanks and have fun! :)